City of Wilmington County of New Castle

Message from the founder

Dear all,

INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND UNITY FOUNDATION welcomes you to our website, Artisan of Peace and Unity. Peace is much more than the mere absence of war; Peace represents the fullness of life. Peace or Shalom means: Completeness, Health, Well-being, Peace or Shalom is a broad concept that embraces Justice, Mercy, Righteousness, Compassion, Truthfulness, Social Well-being etc… As the concept of Peace is not obvious, nor understood in the same way by all, namely: a State of Prosperity, harmony has several levels; Material, Physical and Spiritual, Conflicts and Violence will often be triggered by Creatures of GOD that we are, who believe in Him, but whose Actions are very far from the Heart of GOD.

Peace, precious Gift of the Creator also means the opposite of war and I quote: « There is a time for war and a time for peace. » There is no Peace without Justice. But Justice is not limited to Honest Judgment and Rectitude; Justice also consists in giving what is Good and Just to the afflicted. Only TRUE PEACE produces UNITY, UNION. It is proven according to UN reports that the first victims of wars, conflicts of all kinds are Women and Children. INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND UNITY FOUNDATION, calls Dear All, to your Sensitivity, your Compassion, your Mercy, your Largesse, your Goodness, your Generosity, your Humanism, your Charity, your Sharing, your Liberality etc…. in order to contribute to the work of Peace to the afflicted, to the women and children victims of conflicts and wars without lairs or education, to the young mother-girls whose education is brutally interrupted, because of abuse of all kinds, to women and children victims of domestic violence, of children suffering from serious illnesses, diseases in hospitals, and in specialized centers, children deprived of freedom, victims of natural disasters, victims of natural poverty, homeless people of all kinds, etc.

The lack of Peace, of needs described above creates disunity, arouses Ethics, citizen immorality, social disorder, division and people’s disunity. Dear All, COUNTRIES, CITIZENS, thank you for making your heart speak. Thank you for supporting us, helping us in our big and important mission through your DONATIONS. GOD Bless both of You Abundantly